Crypto VM for database and blockchain

Zenroom is a tiny and portable virtual machine that integrates in any application to authenticate and restrict access to data and execute human-readable smart contracts.

Make cryptography easy

Clearly separate the workflow of programmers, cryptographers and privacy analysts: facilitate reviews, updates and distributed architecture design.


Perform Elliptic Curve Pairing as well public/private asymmetric key cryptography, much faster than RSA

Attribute based credentials (ABC) and zero knowledge proof (ZKP)  based on Coconut.

Executes smart contracts in Lua or in Zencode, a plain English-like Domain Specific Language.

Deterministic execution of smart contracts on any database or blockchain. Grants integrity across all platforms.

Tiny library or executable (1MB), low memory usage (down to 64KB), with no external dependencies. Language bindings: Js, Py, Go …

Runs on any platform, including Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, WebAssembly (in browser) and integrated Cortex chips.

low on resources
Highly scalable

MB payload
Hash/sec (on desktop PC)

Attribute based
credential authentication

Zenroom supports Elliptic Curve Pairing cryptography for advanced authentication flows: to implement privacy by design and lower the liability of processing private data.

End-to-end cryptography
for distributed systems

Highly deterministic and replicable environment for the integrity of multiple cryptographic computations. Read more

Easy language
for smart contracts

Makes it possible to design and review data protection systems without programming or the need to understand code. Read more


Open Source

Allo our software is free and open source, we’re happy to help you with development as well as to receive pull requests!


We offer professional support for the integration with enterprise infrastructure and commercial products. Let us know about your project!

Developer Resources

The Crypto Language VM

Easy Crypto for Redis

Zenroom for Hyperledger

Zenroom Python bindings

Zenroom GO bindings

Zenroom Javascript bindings

Zencode petition contracts

Zenroom Online Demo

Proudly crafted in the EU

This project received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement nr. 732546 (DECODE).

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